Healthy by Association (HBA) was established as a space for association and hospitality #GoalGetters to set goals, share their workout accomplishments, exchange healthy recipes and, above all, stay motivated. Aaron Wolowiec serves as the group administrator and early HBA supporters Vince Coraci, Katie Dudek, Angela Keller Pelc and Ken Wood help moderate.

The tenets of Healthy by Association are simple:

  1. Everyone’s definition of healthy is different. One size does not fit all. Whether focused on food and caloric intake, workouts and pounds lifted or something different altogether, we just can’t compare ourselves with others. We each have unique aspirations and limitations.
  2. A support network is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On the days you’d rather stay in bed than hit the pavement or make the trek to the gym, it’s incredibly motivating to have the support and encouragement of others who can empathize with you.
  3. You can’t show up for others if you don’t first show up for yourself. It’s the reason your flight attendant urges you to put your Oxygen mask on before assisting others. Put another way, you can’t successfully help your members or learners if you’re not well rested, well fed and hydrated, and in good health.
  4. It’s both okay and encouraged to brag about your accomplishments. First, you should take credit for setting and achieving your goals – that’s an accomplishment unto itself. But, more importantly, others will find your achievements incredibly energizing for their own journeys.
  5. This journey may not be easy but it’s worth it. It’s true that nothing worth having comes easy. And that’s okay because we’re stronger than we give ourselves credit for. It takes determination, commitment and intention to become and remain healthy. Hence our HBA tagline: Powered by intention.

So, now what? Here are a few suggestions you might consider as next steps:

  1. Join our HBA Facebook group (if you haven’t already). Set goals, share your achievements and support others. Also, consider sharing this group with colleagues in the association or hospitality industries you think may be interested.
  2. Start putting yourself first. Self-care might include a monthly massage or facial, some quiet time a couple of nights each week to read or craft, or one minute each day for intentional self-reflection. Don’t overthink it. Simply determine what might bring more balance to your life and get it on the calendar.
  3. Introduce changes around the office. The opportunities are endless. Consider replacing donuts on Friday mornings with yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. Take the stairs whenever available. Walk at lunch with a buddy. Or even set your chair aside and convert your workstation to a stand-up desk.
  4. Introduce changes for your attendees. Plan healthier snack and meal options. Provide water infusion stations to promote better hydration. Incorporate more white space for self-care, stretching and reflection. And offer group workout options such as yoga, swimming and running.
  5. Let’s partner on a presentation. If this HBA message would resonate with your team or your members, we’d love the opportunity to present at either a staff meeting or during an upcoming conference. Contact us for details and pricing.