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We teach you the skills you need to succeed

The Event Garde team offers an array of services to best fit your needs. We aim to help you grow and evolve on both a personal and professional level.


Strategic Planning

We develop blueprints to reimagine a signature event or an annual meetings portfolio.


Instructional Design

We create instructional experiences that are efficient, effective and appealing.


Meeting Management

We build programs that contain costs, maximize resources and deliver value.


Speaking Engagements

We design actionable presentations inspired by learner needs and desired outcomes.


Content Development

We write witty and relevant content for magazines, blogs and newsletters.


Stakeholder Coaching

We drive performance improvement by coaching staff and speakers in their craft.


Project Management

We advise and support your planning efforts, and keep your projects moving forward.


Resource Curation

We create and curate tips, news and resources you can use to elevate your practice.


Facilitation Methods

We leverage new and useful methods to quickly synthesize information and focus a group on a final consensus.


Learning Audits

We conduct a systematic review of learning programs and portfolios with the aim to guide subsequent improvements.

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